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We have been supplying pumps to various sectors of industry including oil & gas, petrochemicals, power generation and water treatment for decades.

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Low Deflection
Higher Efficiency
Lower Axial Thrust

Gate Valves

We offer a wide range of gate valves that fits your requirement. The gate valve mechanism works on the gate or wedge-type disk that moves perpendicular to flow to start or stop the medium through the pipe. During operation, these valves are either completely open or closed and are not used to regulate or throttle the flow. Quantum supplies different variations of disk type, body bonnet joint type, and steam variation options.

Short Stroke
Great Shutoff
Excellent Throttling

Globe Valves

Quantum supplies a wide range of globe valves for various applications. Globe valves are operated to stop, start and regulate the flowing medium therefore, these valves are used in systems where flow control is required and leak tightness is vital.

Reduce Down Time
Very Durable
Increase Savings

Check Valves

Quantum supplies a wide range of check valves used to prevent backflow in the piping system. It is also NRV (Non-return valve). Pressurized fluid is used to open the valve; however, check valves are designed to provide complete obstruction to any reverse flow. Commonly it consists of the body, cover, disk, hinge pin, and seat ring.

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