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We have been supplying pumps to various sectors of industry including oil & gas, petrochemicals, power generation and water treatment for decades.

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Low Deflection
Higher Efficiency
Lower Axial Thrust

Split Case Fire Pumps

Quantum’s range of Split Case Fire Pumps are UL certified and coupled with a UL listed electric fire pump motor housed in either ODP or TEFC enclosures at 2 pole or 4 pole speeds. They are designed to NEMA and IEC standards.

Ultra Durable
Low Cycle Cost

End-Suction Fire Pumps

Quantum’s range of End Suction Fire Pumps are UL certified and approved to be coupled to a horizontal FM/UL approved diesel engine. The pump is used typically as a standby fire pump and starts once the electric fire pump set pressure drop has been exceeded.

Easy placement
Simple connection
Labor saving

Packaged Fire Pump Set

Quantum’s pre-packaged fire pump sets are an ideal option due to their ease in shipping, installing, and starting. All components are installed onto one common baseplate allowing you to connect the suction and discharge pipework and start the sets.

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Since 1990, Quantum Pump Systems Ltd. has provided Engineering, Manufacturing, and Rotating Equipment services around the world, primarily covering diverse sectors such as Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Construction.

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