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Quantum Pump Systems Ltd has pumped engineering solutions into the pumping industry.

Reverse Engineering.

Reverse engineering brings an obsolete component back to working order.

It is the process of gathering technical information using CMM, 3D printing and related software sufficient to duplicate an item by physically examining, measuring or testing original items, reviewing technical data and performing engineering analysis.

The end goal is to manufacture a new part to meet or exceed the form, fit and function of the original part.

Considerations must be made for the existing material of construction of the component, the material properties, geometry and how the original component was manufactured compared to the possibility of an improved method to better the performance of the original item.

Quantum Pump Systems Ltd have years of experience in carrying out reverse engineering and work closely each time with our valued clients to ensure they understand the complete process and ensure they receive the complete documentation and report necessary to complete the works.

The final test to be completed after re-works is the most critical; the performance test to ensure the components meets the necessary standards and performs the same or improves on the performance of the original component before the engineering process was carried out.

The equipment will then be re-certified, where applicable, and a new warranty given to satisfy the client and reassure them of the reverse engineered components.

quantum pump systems LTD.

Technical Services & Support.

Quantum Pump System Ltd specializes in pumping engineering solutions, from supplying finely crafted pumps, valves and control panels to installation, commissioning, laser alignment, inspection, testing, vibration monitoring, spares, repair & maintenance; our highly trained sales, technical and after-sales teams are readily available at a moments’ notice.

Pump Fitting / Assembly.

With manufacturing facilities around the global, Quantum has engineers ready to assemble your pump wherever you may be located.

Testing Services.

A test bed assembly capable of testing motor driven pump sets up to 800kW at 50 hz or 60 hz via a variable speed Inverter, we can also test larger KW ratings at medium voltage and all combinations of diesel driven pump sets.

We can also carry out NPSH, noise, vibration, valves, mechanical seal and control panel testing, complying with various global standards.

Spare Parts.

Each of our facilities has availability of all spare parts required to ensure they are immediately available to our customers.


Pumps are packaged for sea freight & air freight shipment, in full compliance to local and international standards